2012 Lent Calendar

Lent is the 40 days period of fasting and purification directing towards Easter that reflects a time of reflection, growth, sacrifice and prayer. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. The rituals of Lent are traditionally followed to prepare the faithful believers through prayer, sacrifice and self-less devotion. Another reason of Lent is to memorialize the Holy Week and the resurrection of Jesus.

Lent is the remembrance of the events for those who have passion for Christ and it finally ends with the festival of Easter on Sunday, marked as the holy day of resurrection of Lord Christ. During this 40 day period, many of the believers commit to strict fasting or making themselves used to an ordinary lifestyle free from their usual luxuries. The 40 days ‘duration of Lent is commonly explicated as in commemoration of the 40 days which according to mythology, marks Jesus 40days of fasting in desert before his initiating for Public ministry. However, Lent is counted differently by different Christian denominations. In most of the western countries, Sundays are not considered within Lent period; hence it lasts for 38days in total instead of 44 days.

This event, along with its’ devoted customs are observed by Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Methodist and by some other denominations. Thus, a Lent Calendar has to be utmost precision so that it would help an individual to complete the 40-day spiritual journey with proper planning and thus would help to celebrate the joy of Easter with a renewed sense of faith.

Sample 2012 Lent Calendar


2012 Lent Calendar

2012 Lent Calendar

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