Marketing Calendar Template 2012

The marketing calendar template 2012 is created for the purpose of companies keeping track of the different internal and external events concerning the sales and marketing. This calendar template is created so that every meeting is properly documented and followed. The template needs to have two sections. The first section must deal with the different activities of the entire year. These should correspond with the date and also a small description should be attached.

The person-in-charge or the department should be mentioned. Under this summary, there should be the corresponding months in the form of a normal calendar. On each date of the month, the event should be noted down. This help in providing a proper time line so that proper organization can be made along with the preparation and execution. The marketing calendar template 2012 can be customized as per the company requirements.

Sample Marketing Calendar Template 2012

Marketing Calendar Template 2012

Free Download Marketing Calendar Template 2012

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